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The dream of a new cellar started in 1994 when the Louw family bought the farm Klipdrif. Unlike the majority of the wine farms in the Robertson Valley, which had been passed on from generation to generation in the same family, this portion of the Klipdrif farm had been owned by at least four different families before 1995.

A previous owner, Major Jacobus Petrus Marais, also known as "Oom Kosie", started the cultivation of grapes on this farm and built one of the the first cellars in the Robertson valley. His Southern Liquor Company developed the now famous Klipdrift Brandy and also used the Klipdrift brandy as a base for a variety of liqueurs. He was buried in a favourite spot of his, a hill from where he used to look out over his lands. Unfortunately the farm was sold a few years after his death and the Klipdrift brand sold to Distell.

With the spirit of one of the oldest cellars in the Robertson Valley still being the source of many stories and memories it was inevitable that the revival of the cellar was contemplated by the new owners. The architect was instructed to incorporate the old cellar in his designs for a modern cellar complex in which the grapes and wine would be handled as naturally and as little as possible. Winemaker and shareholder Alkie van der Merwe was given a free hand for producing the best wines possible.

Oom Kosie or Major Marais was commemmorated in the name Major's Hill Winery.

The spirit of the old cellar can now dwell peacefully in every bottle of wine made with utmost care and devotion.


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